Your connection becomes unstable while you are on video

Your connection becomes unstable while you are on video

If for some reason the picture suddenly starts to pixelate - likely due to connectivity problems - there are a few methods you should try:

  1. Click on your company's logo to refresh the session. Very often this is all you need to do.
  2. Recommend your customer to try switching to cell phone data in areas where the WiFi doesn't work. To do that, they will need to exit the survey (as described in the point 4), switch WiFi off, then reconnect once it switched to cell data.
  3. Suggest to the customer to try to hold their device steadily for a couple of seconds.
  4. The next possible solution is reconnecting. To do so, your customer needs to take themselves out of the video, by clicking on the red Exit Survey button. Then they should go back to the survey link that they received at the beginning and click it again.

During the time when your customer is reconnecting, you may refresh your live survey page also if you wish. To do this just click on your company's logo and the picture should instantly refresh.

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