What's the best way to handle a customer with a very poor connection?

What's the best way to handle a customer with a very poor connection?

  1. Ask your customer to restart their device and rejoin the survey. Sometimes what seems to be a network connection issue is actually just a device that has not been restarted in a long time.
  2. If your customer is connecting with you on an Android device, ask them to disconnect from the survey, and tap on the Network Test in the top right corner of the app. This will adjust their video settings to make the best use of their network connectivity.

  3. If your customer is still unable to connect with you reliably, ask if they are connecting with you using their home’s WiFi network, or if they are using their phone’s data network. If your customer is using a data network, ask them to disconnect from the survey and join their WiFi. Similarly, if they are on wifi and unable to connect, ask them to switch off the wifi on their device, and connect using their data network.
  4. If a successful two-way connection is not possible, you can ask your customer to submit videos to you using the “upload” button in the app.

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