• Hello, my name is (your name). I am calling on behalf of (moving company name), is this (customer’s name)? How are you?
  • I have you scheduled for a Video Survey for your upcoming move. Is now still a good time for us to conduct the survey together?


Situation 1 | Client Has No Reservations:

  • "Great. This is a very simple process, I just have a couple of questions for you first.
    • What type of mobile device would you like to use for the survey?
    • Is that device connected to a WiFi network? 
      (It is ideal for them to connect to their WiFi at this time, but not required if unavailable, as long as they have access to G3 or higher network.)
    • I am now going to send you an invitation to join my private, secure video chat. Is it easier for you if I send that by text message or email? The invitation link is on its way to your device now. Please put me on speakerphone, so that you can look at your screen. I will guide you through this process. Let me know when you have received my text message.
    • Inside of the text message is my invitation link. Please click on that now. You should now be looking at a page that says:

      For customers with Apple devicesFor customers with Android devices
      • “Step 1: Download on the App Store”
      • "Step 2:  Join Video Chat"
      • “Step 1: Download the App”
      • "Step 2:  Join Video Chat"


      • Click on "Step 1". This brings you to the App Store to the app called SurveyBot
      • Click on Get to install the app
      • Open the app
      • Click on Join button
      • The app asks to allow access to the camera and microphone - click OK on both


      • Click on Step 1. This brings you to the Google Play Store to the SurveyBot App.
      • Click on Install to get the app on your device
      • Before downloading you will be asked to provide permissions on your device for the app, click Accept

Let me know when it is finished downloading."


"If the survey does not show up in your "My Surveys" list for some reason, go back into my original text message and click on the invitation link the second time. That brings you to the page that you saw earlier, only this time you will be clicking “Step 2: Start Video Chat”.

    • "You will then be live on the video chat with me. If for some reason I don’t see you on the chat in a few minutes, I’ll give you a call back to check in that you’re not having any issues connecting. Sounds good? See you shortly!"


Situation 2 | Client Does Have Reservations:

  • "Ok, when is a good time for us to reschedule your appointment?"
    (Note the new time and modify the event on the appropriate calendar. Be sure to verify their time zone, and note the change that was made, along with any additional details in the corresponding section of the calendar appointment.).