Upload video

Upload video

If, for any reason, it happens that you are unable to maintain stable Internet connection with your customer, or the customer is not having a WiFi coverage in some parts of their home or any other form of Internet connection you can send them an Upload link.

Upload link is a feature of SurveyBot that allows your customer to upload media into your survey for the easement. Any form of media can be uploaded: pictures or video. The total size of the media can be 4GB per upload.

There are three ways to send an upload link:

  1. The first option is to send the link by text message or email to your customer while you are still in live video survey window. The media that customer will upload will be displayed in Edit survey page for that survey.

  2. Another option is to send the Upload link from Edit Survey page. You will have the same options as before: send the link via text message or email.
  3. While first two options are intended for your customer to upload video themselves, the third option is for you to do the same. On your Edit survey page, at the bottom there is an option for you to upload media from your computer. You can either upload or drag and drop the video.


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