Survey walkthrough

Survey walkthrough

You can jump into a new survey by clicking Survey buttonScreenshot__51_.png on the main navigation bar. However, if you know which group survey should be added to, it's easier to start the survey by clicking Survey button survey.jpg within a specific group.

Once you are in the live video chat, you will see a group of icons to your left side. If you mouse over these, a brief description will pop-up of what they do. To help maintain the highest possible accuracy, our surveys are recorded as soon as there are two people in the video chat.

Firstly, the top left corner has been reserved for your company's logo. That logo will be visible to both you and your customer. That logo also serves as a refresher. If for any reason picture freezes or stops, you can just click on your logo and video will refresh. 




1: Taking snapshots during the survey - this button can be used to catch an instant snap of the survey. The screenshot will not show on the screen, but will automatically be added to the notes section of the survey with an approximate time stamp of when in the video it was taken. You can definitely go back.
2: Sending Video Invite - this button lets you invite the customer to the survey by sending them a link to either their phone number or email address, depending on their preference.

3: Send Upload Link - this works in a similar way like when you are inviting a client to the survey - via text message or e-mail. This allows your customer to upload a self-recorded video in case survey couldn't be performed, which helps retain the high accuracy of the inventory list.

NOTE: use this option if your customer doesn't have a stable internet connection in a part of the house, or additional location needs to be estimated (like a basement, storage unit, etc.)

4: Edit Survey Info - gives you the option to add collaborators - both group and individual members - for them to view the details of the survey. You can also edit the details pertaining to the customer's name, email address, origin and destination address, as well as their move date.
5: Toggle Full Screen - opens the survey in full screen, giving you a better overview. You can exit it by pressing escape, or by pressing the same button again.
6: Toggle Video - turns your video off and on at your choosing. This is helpful for surveyors who then get a bigger picture of the customer's view.

7: Toggle Microphone - mutes your microphone.

NOTE: to help indicate when someone is muted, the screen will turn black and white until the sound is not muted anymore.

8: Volume - helps you regulate volume strength.
9: View survey status - acquires the survey history for you, providing information such as the date, details about the users' devices, the duration, anmuch more.

10: Toggle screen share - provides the opportunity for you to share marketing materials, a brochure or any document that you would like to present to the customer at the time of the video survey, to help you either book the move, or present highlights of your company to a new client.

You may also use video to share the estimate with your customer and speak to them while they are viewing it on their screen.

NOTE: you can choose to share your whole screen or just one application window (a word, excel, powerpoint or pdf document).

11: Toggle Recording - allows you to start and stop the recording yourself. In the upper right corner, an indicator will flash whenever you press this button.

12: Exit Video - stops the survey and wraps it up. It is now ready for others to watch.

NOTE: clicking this also leads you to a page where you can edit further details.

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