Phone call with a customer before the survey

Phone call with a customer before the survey

One of the facts for having a successful live video survey with a customer is to have a phone call with them prior to the event. In this phone call you should make sure to go through some points with them:

  1. Check the scheduled time for the survey
    • Check the scheduled time for your live video survey with your customer. Instruct them that you will send the link to them in order to join the live video survey.
  2. Check equipment for the survey
    • Remember to check with your customer they have adequate equipment and stable internet connection.
      • For Apple devices, any operating system of 9.0 and above will work fine
      • For Android, any device that came out from 2012 and on will work fine
  3. Send text message or email

NOTE: there is a workaround if your customer doesn't have a stable internet connection and you can look it up Connectivity Issues article. 

Once you connect, there are a few things to remember. In short, they are shown in the following list. For more, find Cheat sheet that will help you walk through your survey easily.

  1. Recording of the survey
    • Once successfully connected with the customer, notify them that the session will be recorded for accuracy and inventory purposes.
  2. Positioning camera horizontally
    • Instruct your customer to place their device in the horizontal position so it will show a nice wide picture.
  3. Flip camera on back camera recording
    • Your customer should use the button on their screen to flip onto their back camera, which will allow you to see what they see.  
  4. Toggle my camera
    • Once the customer has started the tour around their home, you should toggle your video off. If you do so, once you start editing the video, you will be able to see only the customer's side of the video, which means you will have a nice clear view of the items that need to be moved. Tell your customer that you will disappear from their screen for a better view, but you will still be there just using audio. 


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