1. Download the Shyft Moving app (This is the same app your customer will use but you will have more options since you are a user in Shyft Moving).
  2. After logging in, a "Jump into survey" button will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Tapping this icon will open a new screen that contains all of the groups that the user is a member of  Shyft.
  4. Tap the appropriate group that you want to contain the survey you will perform.
  5. You will now be in the Live Screen
  6. Click on the 'invite icon' to invite your customer to the survey. You can send the invitation via text or email.


NOTE: There are a limited amount of icons on the iOS app live screen. The rollout of more icons will be based on demand.  



There are 8 additional languages available in the iOS app. If a customer has their language set to one of these, the app will automatically be displayed accordingly. Alternatively, a user can go to the settings and explicitly set a language by tapping on the desired language. 



Network Check

A network check can now be performed right within the app same as the Android app. Just go to settings and click on network check. The check will start automatically and set video quality and frame rate based on the results.


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