NOTE: make sure your customer has Google Chrome installed as SurveyBot works properly only on that browser.

You can use this option in situations when your customer confirms they will not be using an Android or Apple device, or they don’t want to install the app. In this case, they have to use Google Chrome.

Ask your customer how they want to receive the invitation (via email or text message).

OS_invitation_1.jpg     SB_invitation_3.jpg

While still on the phone with your customer, advise them that once you have sent the invitation they should receive the link to join live video survey.

At this point disconnect the phone line to be able to continue in SurveyBot. Before you do that make sure to give your customer the following information:

They need click on the link in order to join and choose to Open URL.


In the next step, your customer will be able to choose Google Chrome or SurveyBot app to open the link. In this case, they should choose Google Chrome.


This will take them directly into the live video survey.


NOTE: For more information, see article: Incompatible browser.