Once you are on the phone with the customer and they have confirmed they will be using an Android phone or tablet, you will need to check how the customer wants to receive the invitation (via text message/email). While still on the phone, advise them that they should receive a message with a link to click on.


Once your customer clicks on the link, advise them to choose Open URL option provided on their screen:


This option will take them to the two-step message:


You should instruct the customer to click on "Step 1". That will instantly bring them to the Shyft app in the Google Play Store. Before installing the app the user will be advised what permissions the app requires.

NOTE: there is no “allow” or “don’t allow” in-app pop-ups as there is in iOS, users can only install or not install


Once the app is successfully installed, the customer can click open. They will see an auto-populated survey in their "My Surveys" list. Tapping the join button with the camera icon will take them straight to the video survey.


Alternatively, the customer can join by going back to the original invitation message, only this time they will need to tap on "Step 2: Join Video Chat".

If you are still on the phone call with the customer after they have joined the survey make sure to have them end the phone call before proceeding with the survey. Otherwise, no audio will be recorded for the customer during the survey.

If still on the phone call, the customer will see a little call bubble on their screen which will take them to the phone call where they can hang up. From there, the customer can tap the Shyft icon floating on their screen to return to the survey.


 If your customer is experiencing issues with downloading or using Android device, check out Issues with downloading or using Android app.

If your customer gets disconnected from the survey, you can help them reconnect. You can follow the instructions by clicking here.