Group(s) section on Dashboard

Group(s) section on Dashboard

In this section, you will be able to see the most recent 3 surveys.

Underneath will be a set of buttons: Search, Group, Users, Start Survey


  • Search button search.jpg will give you the same options as the Search survey shortcut in the main navigation bar Screenshot__45_.png - except it will include the specific group you are part of as a filter.
  • Group button group.jpg will open the Edit Group page. This gives you the opportunity to rename the specific group if needed. You can do so by changing its name, logo, the email that receives notifications on behalf of the group, etc.
  • Upon clicking the Users button users.jpg you will have access to the options that add new users, change information for old ones, and remove users.
  • The Survey button survey.jpg will open a live survey window and add the survey to the group you are currently in.

PAY ATTENTION: If you are assigned to more than one group, make sure that you are doing the survey for the right group.

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