Group button gives you the opportunity to maintain information about the group you are in charge of.Screenshot__30_.png


The data in this page is rather static. As such, the information here rarely changes afterward, once put in.


First column is requiredHere, you have to enter the full and the short name of the group you are editing.

The second column is recommended, and gives you the opportunity to upload logos for overall branded experience your customers can have:

  • email header - appears in the confirmation email sent to your customer
  • web site  - this logo is included in the invitation you send out to your customer to join the video chat
  • video chat - this logo will be visible in the upper left corner of the live video chat for both the customer and the surveyor
  • the email provided here will receive all notification on behalf of the group in question
  • Calendly - provides the option to link the given group with a scheduling calendar

The third column is optional and can be updated based on your company's preference:

  • add website of the company
  • choose for the group to be visible or invisible to the other groups

Once you enter all information, click Save in the right-hand corner.