Get your cheat sheets ready

Get your cheat sheets ready

Get your download version and print friendly version of cheat sheet here.
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    • Get your cheat sheet ready

      Once you connect with your customer, we have created a cheat sheet (both download and print friendly versions) containing several suggested steps to help you conduct a successful Live Video Survey. You can find both documents at the bottom of this ...
    • How can I get alerts about surveys being outsourced to Shyft?

      Please work with your dedicated Account Manager to get the alerts you wish to have set up.
    • How to connect if my customer is using an Apple device?

      Once you are on the phone with the customer and they have confirmed that they will be using an Apple device (iPhone, iPad or iPod), make sure they have the password for their Apple ID. NOTE: you can’t help your customer with their Apple ID password. ...
    • Survey walkthrough

      You can jump into a new survey by clicking Survey button on the main navigation bar. However, if you know which group survey should be added to, it's easier to start the survey by clicking Survey button  within a specific group. Once you are in the ...
    • FAQs for Movers

      How long does it take to do a video survey? On average, for a normally furnished: Studio or 1 Bedroom: 10 - 15 minutes 2 Bedroom: 15 - 20 minutes 3 Bedroom: 25 - 30 minutes 4(+) Bedroom: 35 - 45+ minutes   What is the acceptance rate of customers ...