Conduct a survey using an Apple device (iPhone, iPod or iPad)

Conduct a survey using an Apple device (iPhone, iPod or iPad)

Conducting survey from your Apple device gives you basic features to use:


1. Logo - your company's logo will be visible on your mobile device. Tap on this button to refresh your connection with your customer.

2. Snapshot button - this button can be used to catch an instant snap of the survey. The screenshot will not show on the screen, but will automatically be added to the notes section of the survey with an approximate time stamp of when in the video it was taken. You can definitely go back.

3. Invitation button - you can invite your customer the same way you would using your office computer - via email or text message. 

4. Toggle recording - recording of the survey starts automatically once your customer jumps into the survey. You can choose to stop recording using this button. If you do so, make sure to turn it back on. Otherwise, you will probably have to do the survey again.

5. Toggle microphone - use this button to turn off your mic if necessary.

6. Flip camera - use this button to switch to the back camera on your device.

7. Flashlight - this option appears only when you use toggle camera button (4), which is the back camera on your device. Ask your customer to tap on this button to get more light at the bottom of closets or any area where there is not a lot of light. 

8. Toggle video - turns your video off and on at your choosing. This is helpful for surveyors who then get a bigger picture of the customer's view.

9. End survey - tap on this button to end the survey.

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