Basic editing options

Basic editing options

NOTE: you can add as many videos to one survey account.

As always, first you have to be logged into your Shyft account. Once you've logged in, you can choose the survey you wish to edit. You can do so by searching within a specific group survey belongs to , or by searching for it from the main navigation bar (related article Start the search).


Once you find the survey you were looking for, choose Edit button SB_search_in_groups_3.jpg.


This takes you to the Edit Survey page with all the tools for editing a survey.

NOTE: every time you exit the live Video Survey with your customer, the exit button on the video chat will lead you to the Edit Survey page.


In this page, you can see your video and review it. You can also take notes and snapshots, upload pictures and videos (up to 4 GB per upload) and add some additional information regarding the survey (customer name, customer email, addresses, move date, etc.).

You can also name the video (survey name - it is the first field on the page), so it will be easier for you to search the videos you want. Below it, are several other useful buttons - Live, Observe, Log, Upload, Alert, Download, Cube sheet.


By clicking the camera button that says Live edit_survey_-_live.jpg, you will jump back into that survey.

One of the most interesting buttons on the Edit Survey page is the Observe button edit_survey_-_observe.jpg. You can use this option to watch surveys that are still in progress. By using this button, you are able to jump into a survey, not as a surveyor, not as a customer, but as an observer. You will see and hear everything that is going on in the video, but you are not going to be heard or seen by anyone.

NOTE: by using this option you can easily learn how to do surveys by observing other colleagues, you can perform quality control within your company, not distracting surveyors or customers and not influencing the survey process at all.

Log button edit_survey_-_log.jpg allows you to view the survey status - raw information about the name of the survey, the date it was taken, the devices used, and much more.

Upload edit_survey_-_upload.jpg allows you to send an upload link the exact same way you would send it from within the survey - by entering the customer's email or phone number. Customers can then use the link to upload a self-recorded video.

NOTE: use this option if a customer is experiencing unstable network, or has an additional location for the move.

Download button edit_survey_download_button.jpg gives you the opportunity to download a zipped file with:

  • text file of the survey details (the top section of the edit page like: name of the survey, email, dates, etc.)
  • text file with any written notes
  • pictures (png files) of any screenshots in the survey

NOTE: a copy of the video is NOT included in the download

Cube sheet button edit_survey_-_cube_sheet.jpg automatically adds shyft’s Cube-sheet to the survey, where a group collaborator can perform the cubing. They will receive a notification, and you will receive a cube sheet in return.

NOTE: When the surveyor clicks on the cube sheet button, it means that the surveyor has requested the cube sheet. Automatically, Shyft cube sheet will appear as a collaborator in the first field. That means that you informed Shyft to create a cube sheet for that survey. If you don’t do that, the shyft cube team will not know that they need to create it. If you clicked on this option by mistake, or you changed your mind, just remove cube sheet by cklicking "x" next to it.


IMPORTANT: If you have a Video Survey without the cube sheet, after completing the survey, the surveyor needs to add the person in the individual collaborator field so that the person who needs to receive the survey can see it.

Alert button edit_survey_-_alert.jpg lets you send notifications to collaborators' emails to let them know you have shared something with them. You can also add a note to be more descriptive and detailed.


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