Additional editing options

Additional editing options

Once you have edited basic information about the survey you conducted, here are some additional options. Use them! Make your search for the surveys easier and faster.

Tags are your friend! Use them to describe the specifics for the survey - was it a rush move, or international, converted, national... anything that would bring you closer to the desired survey in the future search.

Following Tags in Edit page section is Collaborators. This option helps you add or remove collaborators that can see your survey. In the first field, there is the group to which survey is dedicated (your company group). The second field is there so you can add individual collaborators so that particular person can see the survey in question.

Under the Videos heading, you can select the videos available to review them once again. They will open up on the right-hand side. This will give you some more options:


  1. Snapshot edit_survey_-_snapshot.jpg captures a picture of the current frame of the video that you think needs special attention, while simultaneously time-stamping it. You can attach a note to clarify.
  2. Pop-out button edit_survey_-_popout.jpg opens the video in full screen and lets you view it in a separate window.
  3. Rotate button edit_survey_-_rotate.jpg gives you the option to rotate the video, in case it was recorded differently than intended.

Moving further down, in the Notes field, you can also add important information for when moving day comes. Be it that an over-sized piece of furniture or something fragile is shown in the survey, this will be noted to the moving company. For example: Take extra care. A highly fragile, antique piece. Notes are editable. To edit, just click on the note text (there's no edit button) and a cursor will appear. Once you are done updating, just click away from the text and it will be saved. The time stamp listed on the note will not update, though. That will remain as the same for whenever the note was first made.

To upload the desired media, scroll down until you see Upload above a Drag Videos Here field. Click upload, or drag the video file from your computer into the box, and wait for it to upload. Once completed, you will receive a confirmation in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. See related article Upload video.

NOTE: maximum upload size per media file is 4GB.


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